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KUGB National Youth Championships 2018

Many congratulations to all of the Sendai Kushiro Team that competed at yesterdays KUGB National Youth Championships. As always, this event attracts a lot of excellent competitors from all over the UK and Ireland, making all of the categories a big challenge. Our team of competitors were carefully selected to represent the club and each one of them performed with an excellent attitude and demonstrated a high level of skill.

Well done to everyone.


GOLD - Team Kata Ethan Brown, Rebecca Adie, Max King-Lough

GOLD - Children's Ippon Kumite Athena Whiteley

GOLD - Girls Brown Belt Kata Megan Fox

SILVER - Male Individual Kata Matthew Gibson

SILVER - Female Individual Kumite 16-20 Eliana Rooks

SILVER - Girls Black Belt Kata Grace Snowdon

SILVER - Children's Ippon Kumite Megan Fox

SILVER - Girls Novice to 4th Kyu Kata Hania Bowery

BRONZE - Male Individual Kumite 18-20 Jamie Allan

BRONZE - Male Individual Kata Jamie Allan

BRONZE - Female Individual Kata (16-20) Bethaney Miller

BRONZE - Boys Black Belt Kata Max King-Lough

BRONZE - Boys Black Belt Kata Patrick Okeeffe

BRONZE - Children's Ippon Kumite Hania Bowery

BRONZE - Girls 10-11 Kumite Grace Snowdon

BRONZE - Girls 10-11 Kumite Layla King-Lough

BRONZE - Girls Kumite 5'3" and Over Rebecca Adie

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